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Tropical Kids Bali – Sing & Play

Tropical Kids Bali Swim Courses has six development stages to encourage continued participation and progress. Using stages ensures children have new experiences and are grouped with children that are at a similar stage. The different groups reflect the motor, cognitive and social development of infants, toddlers and young children.




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Tropical Kids Bali Swim Courses are a comprehensive and balanced set of programs that provide experiences in six aquatic strands. These strands are consistent with the Swim & Survival Australian Program. The six strands are:

• Getting Wet • Breathing • Going underwater • Staying Afloat • Keeping Balance • Basic Kick and Arm action

Within each of these six aquatic strands, six developmental stages have been outlined to assist instructors to monitor the progress of the child’s skill development and to provide recognition of these achievements.

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Sing & Play Class

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