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Proeducation – Distance Education

ProEducation Distance Education is a modern, progressive program for high school students who will be going into employment and/or higher education in the near future. Students study individual subjects via Distance Education online platforms with a range of reputable International Schools and Colleges.




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After High School and finishing IGCSE exams, students can continue their study at ProEducation School in our Distance Education Program. Students will study a package of A Levels subjects, IGCSE’s and other courses of choice online with a range of reputable international schools. This full time or part time study program offers students the flexibility to investigate their desired life pathways on their own study pace, to study the subjects that they are interested in and work towards their future goals with the support of ProEducation’s case manager and teachers. Students can study A Levels with Oxford Open Learning tutors and resources, which provides students with credits towards university entry around the world.

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Grade-12, Grade-13

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