Korbo Basic 180 is the largest of all Basic sets. The variety and versatility of the blocks in this set allows you to create any constructions. In the attached instruction one will find 15 ideas for building various constructions with different degrees of complication, for example a giraffe, a duck or a centipede or a robot, a water lantern or a gas pipeline. The extensive set of Korbo Basic 180 has eight platforms in two colours which allows to create interesting designs, beautiful colours that stimulate children’s imagination also provide the opportunity to learn about physics and mechanics in a funny play manner. A large number of elements in the set allows to play with friends in a larger group. No matter how many times we use blocks, each time the game is different and unique. It is a real joy for a child whose only limitation is his own imagination.

The set includes as many as 72 gears and 8 platforms.

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